Vitra Ceramic


Vitra Ceramic

Installation , Cersaie


VITRA | eight worlds, eight styles for eight different families of porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles of superior quality
VITRA | eight rooms for eight different styles
VITRA | Bologna Cersaie's installation, mapping a world of tiles
VITRA | Bologna Cersaie's installation, layout
VITRA | Bologna Cersaie's installation, layout
VITRA | Bologna Cersaie's installation, a 3D visualization
VITRA | installation: eight worlds&eight styles

Mega cities with rich cultures was the given name for Vitra’s installation at Cersaie 2013. The experience exhibition area was divided in eight different contexts as for eight different cities; a story telling process about residential space solutions. London city was heading to Paul Smith playful color style combined with hanging luminaries by Tom Dixon.  New York had a special loft touch approach wrapped by a concrete grey skin. Then came Paris within it’s spacial warm atmosphere, a white dressed space icluding a white chair by Stolab. Istanbul was overflown by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini seagulls by Magis looking down at some white varnished stools by Gervasoni and at a King Peacock chair designed by Patricia Urquola for B&B Italia. The Rio De Janeiro joyful vibrant style had been edited by a colorful outdoor chair by the fashion brand Marni. The Berlin concept was running through a Kreuzberg traditional style, according to a mix of warm wood details and steel surface feeling. Rome recalled the mediterranean mood, with olives and lemon trees, surrounded by a collection of Sottsass various shaped vases. Last came Moscow, with an out of scale gold chandelier. That was our trip around the world in eight rooms to tell about Vitra’s porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles.
In collaboration with Simone Fumagalli – Quarchatelier