Ingresso al museo


A project for Schonbrunn Museum entrance area (ticket&info desks, giftshop and restaurant), Vienna.

Spaces are like a gateway; a separation membrane between the museum spaces, the garden and out of the boundaries of the property.

A filter between the inside and the outside.

We have looked after Schonbrunn’s archetype and we’ve found them in the garden path through the rows of trees as for all rooms wall paintings and decoration.
We have taken out all of these elements; we have studied them, dried them, simplified and then transformed them in new models as to generate a new landscape.
In collaboration with Simone Fumagalli e Michael Bader – Quarch



Schonbrunn | rows of tree, composition summary
Schonbrunn | entrance to museum, sketches
Schonbrunn | entrance to museum, section
Schonbrunn | decoration by the column room, composition summary