Nomadic Kitchen


Nomadic Kitchen

design experience


The nomadic kitchen module achieved for Nobia is the answer to new families needs coming out from a careful analysis:

  • flexibility
  • nomadism
  • innovation
  • space dimension
  • on stage food&cooking activities
  • finding time for each other
  • the achievement of private situations going through a slowing down speed attitude

In collaboration with Simone Fumagalli – Quarchatelier

nomadic module|the two versions: small and large

A flexible ready to go kitchen movable instrument, full of poetry to build up a real domestic atmosphere.
It concerns a multifunctional element that aggregates or goes divided to answer to the final user needs and behaviors.

Flexibility in order to build different experiences depending on surveyed needs is the key word that brought us into its project design.

nomadic module|material suggestion "elegance" version
nomadic module| "elegance" version
nomadic module|storage| "elegance" version
nomadic module|console| "elegance" version

Each single unit is vertically stackable to build up a cabinet or it could also have been put side by side horizontally to form a sideboard element.