Beiersdorf Headquarter


Common spaces and relax area of Milan’s Beiersdorf executive office are inspired by famous Nivea white body care cream.

BEIERSDORF OFFICES | coffee area space

relax area: an enchanted garden. A glossy white front panel wall, metaphor of an imaginary forest, grows up and get folded over the ceiling, being reflected down onto a white resin mirroring floor.

The outside, an empty to full projection of the interior poetry; it’s a terrace closed by a magnolias row. The top roof is made of wrought iron, projecting lights and shadows on the floor polished stone.

BEIERSDORF OFFICES | area relax, sketch
BEIRSDORF OFFICES | coffee area, furniture by Paola Lenti and Tulip chairs by Knoll
BEIERSDORF OFFICES | coffee area, Big Shadow floor lamp by Cappellini, detail

The luminous back stage panel has been realized using rear lightened solid surface slabs (Corian).

The floor is made of a white mirroring resin by Tecnicem.

In collaboration with Simone Fumagalli – Quarchatelier


BEIERSDORF OFFICES, terrace |Fermob tables and chairs
BEIRSDORF OFFICES | terrace, Fermob furniture