Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Gran Hotel Salone


Up to date traveller is always searching for a lost permeability within the places he is passing through. We believe our duty as designers is to transform spaces, according to on site values and traditions, so that they could look after their soul.

“navel ... like inside a shell” The pillow book

Hong Kong.

A visionary city, no more a built up area but already a megalopolis. A narrative environment scanned by a persistent rhythm, a rush into signs, a rush into colors; turnover between nature and artifice.

It’s a bamboo treasure chest, keeping from breath: deep silence from a whispered sensuality, locked up in the weave of a textile, in the sketch of a brush.

“nipples ... like bones button” The pillow book

Space inscribed into such a perimeter is small and essential; articulated in three different parts, tale of one traveller’s silences: a thin space made of water drops, an electronic blue light surface divides the day rhythm form the night.

Filter between inside and outside, a nest where a dress memory holds infinite dresses from infinite journeys, coming out from infinite individuality.

“abdomen ... like an overturned terrine” The pillow book
“the foot neck ... like an half opened book” The pillow book